Dyed Roving & Top

Colour is so amazing and wonderful. Whether you go for solids, fun-and-streaky, soft pastels, dark and sombre or bright and in-your-face, we hope there is something intriguing here for your crafting needs. One thing we have learned at the shop is that every customer has their own favourites, and that there just IS no right or wrong when it comes to colour choices. Be cautious, or be brave... that is entirely your decision. We are, of course, always happy to provide suggestions for interesting pairings.

Most of the dyed roving and top arrives this way from our suppliers, but we can also custom dye or custom card if you're not finding what you need. All we require is a sample of the tone or shade you are after.

ROVING: fibre that has been washed, picked and then carded, usually on a giant carding machine at a commercial mill. The fibres may be of varying lengths, in a somewhat jumbled arrangement rather than parallel. Roving is best suited to woolen and semi-woolen style spinning, which is lighter and airier than worsted. Roving also sometimes contains more vegetation than combed top, but not always. It depends on how dirty the fleece was to begin with, how it was skirted and picked, and on the milling equipment being used. Rustic roving is a term we invented. It describes the thick and chunky rovings that come from a couple of our suppliers. If you're used to working with neat and tidy combed top, rustic roving may come as a shock to your eyes and fingers. It can be two inches or more in diameter and fairly dense compared to some of the lighter and airier rovings we carry. Most of our rustic rovings are found in our natural wool line.

TOP: fibre that has been washed and then combed, which removes a good degree of vegetation and gives a preparation with fibres of a similar length and in a parallel arrangement. Top is used to produce smooth and strong true worsted as well as semi-worsted yarns.

SLIVER: is a hazier term in the trade, in our experience. Most often it seems to be roving that is drawn into a thinner preparation than regular thicker roving. Sometimes it's combed top that is in a thinner preparation than usual. We always try and qualify which it is, when we know.

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