Natural Dyes

Nature or natural dyes are just so darned much fun. Whether you use live plants from your own neighbourhood, or use the various dried products from wood, bark, flowers, leaves or even bugs, it's always a thrill to pull those skeins out of the pot, because you never know ahead of time exactly what you will get! We've put together a selection of nature dyes here that we love working with ourselves, and our hope is that you will too.

We are still loading this section with all kinds of tips and instructions for each dye. Our full current lineup is loaded into the cart though, and stocks are good on most products.

The photo you see here is a scarf that Dyeguy (John) knit using 16 of his natural-dyed yarns, mostly from local plants in the area. You can see the scarf anytime, it's always on display here in the shop.

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