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  Our OCTOBER sale feature is
including SOLIDS and STRIPY
25% OFF!

50-colour “Bag of Nests” are not included in the sale.


It’s been a few months since we featured Corriedale, and it’s always a popular sale! This wool breed seems to be the favourite among our needle felters, particularly those that make 3-dimensional critters and so forth, probably because of the extensive colour selection.  It’s also an excellent choice for beginning spinners because of the longish staple length of the wool fibres which makes it a bit easier to manage when learning. Sure, Corriedale isn’t as soft as Merino but it has better durability for things like outerwear or even rugs. Wet felters often use Corriedale as well, by itself or in combination with other fibres.


October 1 – we’re gearing up now for the Woodstock Fleece Festival on Saturday, October 17.  If you’re planning to attend and would like us to bring anything in particular, just contact us by e-mail info@fibregarden.ca or call the shop at the toll-free number listed down below. Woodstock is a very busy show. If you’ve not attended before, be prepared for big crowds or wait and go after 2pm or so.

It’s bad timing for this, but our supplier of natural white 22- and 19.5-micron Merino is currently out of stock, and our supplies are low at the moment. New stock is due to arrive near the end of October. In the meantime consider trying some other breeds such as Polwarth, BFL (Blue-faced Leicester), Finn or natural white Corriedale.

We’ve ordered new supplies of weaving yarns that are due to arrive in the next day or two. It’s going to take awhile to add these to the cart but they will be on the shelves here at the shop. Look for a selection of colours in both 8/2 Cotton and 22/2 Cottolin, both from BOCKENS, famed weaving yarn makers in Sweden.

Also in that same shipment, finally we will have FLAX STRICK!! Flax spinners have been asking us for strick almost since the day we opened the shop six years ago. These are bundles of long natural brown flax fibres (we don’t know how long yet) ready to be hung on your distaff and spun into linen yarn. Though flax is readily available as combed top/roving, diehard spinners like to work with the strick the same way it’s been done for centuries.

THE FIBRE GARDEN is owned and operated by Alan McLean and John Valleau and it lives in our historic home in Jordan Village, Ontario, Canada. We are in the heart of Niagara Wine Country and there are plenty of things to see and do in the village and surroundings.

The shop carries a very wide selection of natural breed-specific rovings, dyed rovings and top, weaving and knitting yarns (many dyed right here by THE DYEGUY), felting supplies, dyes, natural dyes & mordants, spinning wheels, drop spindles, and other fibre gadgets. We are thrilled to be Dealers for MajacraftLouet and Ashford spinning wheels, looms and other products.

Our regular year-round Store Hours are:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday — 11am to 5pm
  • Sunday — 12 noon to 4pm

Our next SPIN-IN is TBA. Probably November, due to the Woodstock Fleece Festival.
Spin-ins are a fun way to meet and socialize with others that share your craft. Spinners at ALL levels are welcome, even absolute beginners.
Spin-ins are FREE!!

THE FIBRE GARDEN is located at 3818 Main Street, Jordan, Ontario, Canada, L0R 1S0. info@fibregarden.ca
Telephone (905) 562-7750 NEW!! Toll-free phone 1-855-236-3829 (Canada and US lower 48)

For those in the area or within driving distance, we welcome you to visit our shop in person. Our friends from afar can now enjoy online shopping with us. Just click on the SHOP ONLINE! button on the top menu bar. We now have the majority of our fibres, books, DVDs, spinning wheels, spindles, gadgets and tools loaded for you to see. Please let us know if you don’t find what you are looking for!

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Thank you for visiting THE FIBRE GARDEN!

Alan & John