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Want to make one of those blankets knitted out of roving? Please see down below for more information.

For DECEMBER our fibre feature is
Ashford MERINO/SILK blends &
Natural wool/silk blends
at 25% OFF!

Choose from 8 dyed colourways
Streaky blends of soft Merino with Tussah Silk or
Natural blends of Merino, Blue-faced Leicester or Polwarth with silk
More stock coming throughout the sale

Click the links above, or look on the
cart under Fibres>Dyed Roving & Top>Merino/Silk or
Fibres>Natural Roving & Top>Blends


Merino and silk or other breeds of wool with silk are one of our most popular fibre combinations for felters and spinners alike. Though silk does not felt by itself, when blended with wool it sort of goes along for the ride and behaves very well. Consider using these blends for against-the-skin projects such as scarves or shawls. For a really fast project, our PREFELT pieces are an ideal time-saving foundation for a quick holiday gift.



December 1 – Now in stock from Louet are some interesting little looms, the PURL & LOOP LOOMS. These are like a modern version of a pin loom for making little square or rectangular things like coasters or with the large size, placemats. Simple to use and a great way to use up bits of yarn you might have in your stash. An excellent starter loom for kids or anybody wanting a first-time weaving project!

Also new on the cart and ideal for holiday gifts are the various Ashford NEEDLE FELTING KITS. These are cute projects that are excellent for first-time needle felters, and include the fibre, needles and instructions. A perfect stocking stuffer!

Speaking of things for Christmas, consider trying our FELTED BALLS, just added to the cart. People are using these for all kinds of things, from making Christmas decorations and jewellery to adding shapes in felted wallhangings, or using the larger sizes to make dryer balls. They are a huge time-saver if you need a spherical form for a core. These are very dense and even, made from 100% wool.

November and December are our busiest months of the year. Our store hours do not change for the winter. Please see below for which days we are open/closed and the hours for each. If you’re thinking of purchasing a loved one a spinning wheel, loom, drum carder or any other large piece of equipment, the earlier the better. Some of our suppliers have better on-hand inventory than others, and shipping time must also be considered.

ABOUT THOSE KNITTED BLANKETS: we get swamped with e-mails and calls about those blankets knitted from roving that everybody sees on Pinterest. Technically, the fibre you need for these is combed top, but many people incorrectly refer to this as roving. We have a large selection of combed wool top of various kinds, natural or dyed.

Because there is virtually no twist in wool top, durability for these blankets can be a huge issue. In as little as a month with regular use (such as covering yourself with the blanket while watching television) they can look a mess, with pieces of wool sticking out, pilling and copious amounts of shedding. The blankets do not stand up well to pets. Or snagging on the kitchen cupboard handle. Laundering these blankets is difficult, and shrinkage will likely occur. And they are heavy!

To improve durability, after knitting these blankets should be felted to a degree, and very often the online instructions fail to mention this fact. Some people do this by partly filling the bathtub with hot, soapy water, soaking the blanket and stomping around on it in a pair or rubber boots, followed by a shock in cold water. They will shrink in all directions by about 30% so plan ahead for this when knitting the item.

Why is the fibre for a blanket so expensive? Well really, it’s not. Yes, it can add up to several hundred dollars depending on the amount and type, but it would cost a lot more to purchase 100% wool yarn in the same weight at a yarn shop. Please note: we do not stock endless amounts of every type of fibre in every single colour. Typically with dyed wool top we have onhand only 2 to 4 Lbs at most, but we are happy to order more for you. Natural wool top we tend to carry more at a time, but rarely over 5 Lbs with the exception of natural white 22-micron and 19.5 micron MERINO. Hopefully this helps to answer a few common questions we get about these blankets.

Recent arrivals: a whole whack of Pulled Silk and dyed Silk Noils in a rainbow of colours. Also check out new listings in the cart for more colours of our 19-micron Fine Merino top, Prefelt and dyed Tussah Silk top. We took a bunch of felted balls to the Woodstock Fleece Festival last month and people loved them! Hopefully they get listed on the cart shortly, under Fibres>Felting Fibres

Did you know we accept E-transfers for order payment for all Canadian regions? To do this (instead of using PayPal) just select the “check/money order” payment option during checkout, then send the E-transfer to info@fibregarden.ca and then send us an e-mail as well with the answer to the security question you have selected. This option is great for those that don’t use credit cards but do online banking. Unfortunately E-tranfers cannot be sent from outside of Canada.

THE FIBRE GARDEN is owned and operated by Alan McLean and John Valleau and it lives in our historic home in Jordan Village, Ontario, Canada. We are in the heart of Niagara Wine Country and there are plenty of things to see and do in the village and surroundings.

The shop carries a very wide selection of natural breed-specific rovings, dyed rovings and top, weaving and knitting yarns (many dyed right here by THE DYEGUY), felting supplies, dyes, natural dyes & mordants, spinning wheels, drop spindles, and other fibre gadgets. We are thrilled to be Dealers for MajacraftLouet and Ashford spinning wheels, looms and other products.

Our regular year-round Store Hours are:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday — 11am to 5pm
  • Sunday — 12 noon to 4pm

THE FIBRE GARDEN is located at 3818 Main Street, Jordan, Ontario, Canada, L0R 1S0. info@fibregarden.ca
Telephone (905) 562-7750 Toll-free phone 1-855-236-3829 (Canada and US lower 48)

Please note: if you are using GPS to get here, our address might well pop up as Lincoln or as Jordan Station. The Village of Jordan is where we are. Right next door to the Cave Spring Winery building.

For those in the area or within driving distance, we welcome you to visit our shop in person. Our friends from afar can enjoy online shopping with us. Just click on the SHOP ONLINE! button on the top menu bar. We have the majority of our fibres, spinning wheels, spindles, looms, gadgets and tools loaded for you to see. Please let us know if you don’t find what you are looking for!

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Alan & John