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TUSSAH SILK is also known as wild silk, as it is gathered from naturally occurring silk worm populations rather than being raised in cultivation like Mulberry silk, and it’s also an entirely different species of silkworm. A good deal of the Tussah silk out on the market comes from India. Raw Tussah silk is a honey-gold tone but it’s nearly always available only as bleached, mainly because this whitens it to make better dyed shades. Tussah is not as shiny as Mulberry silk but it still has a fair amount of lustre. Use it as a felting embellishment, spin it by itself or blend with wool or other fibres for felting and spinning. Silk will not felt by itself.


May 1 – John’s show (Hello Dolly) is all done now, and he’s back in the yarn dyeing mode, so stocks of Socky Talky and other yarns in the shop should be good over the next while. Alan is trying to spend some time weaving, and has plans to take some workshops later this summer.

Fibre show season is coming up, the first one for us being the Ontario Handspinning Seminar in Kingston, June 3 to 5. We will also be at Twist in August, the Woodstock Fleece Festival in October, and Five Counties in September.

Our SPIN-INS are on hold for the next while, as on Sundays we sort of split the shift with Alan getting home from work and John taking off for rehearsals. However, if you want to organize yourself and a couple of friends to come by for a Spin-In, just e-mail us in advance or call the shop and we will be happy to host! Saturdays work best for us.

THE FIBRE GARDEN is owned and operated by Alan McLean and John Valleau and it lives in our historic home in Jordan Village, Ontario, Canada. We are in the heart of Niagara Wine Country and there are plenty of things to see and do in the village and surroundings.

The shop carries a very wide selection of natural breed-specific rovings, dyed rovings and top, weaving and knitting yarns (many dyed right here by THE DYEGUY), felting supplies, dyes, natural dyes & mordants, spinning wheels, drop spindles, and other fibre gadgets. We are thrilled to be Dealers for MajacraftLouet and Ashford spinning wheels, looms and other products.

Our regular year-round Store Hours are:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday — 11am to 5pm
  • Sunday — 12 noon to 4pm

THE FIBRE GARDEN is located at 3818 Main Street, Jordan, Ontario, Canada, L0R 1S0. info@fibregarden.ca
Telephone (905) 562-7750 Toll-free phone 1-855-236-3829 (Canada and US lower 48)

For those in the area or within driving distance, we welcome you to visit our shop in person. Our friends from afar can enjoy online shopping with us. Just click on the SHOP ONLINE! button on the top menu bar. We have the majority of our fibres, spinning wheels, spindles, looms, gadgets and tools loaded for you to see. Please let us know if you don’t find what you are looking for!

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Thank you for visiting THE FIBRE GARDEN!

Alan & John