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July 10 – It appears that any chance of a Lockout/POSTAL STRIKE has been averted for the moment. Shipping of our online orders will continue as usual. 

It’s dyeing time, so our July feature is

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Working with NATURAL DYES can be a lot of fun, and the results can be a total surprise depending on the method selected, the type of dye and the mordants. Most natural dyes will not permanently bond with yarn or fibre without the extra step of using a mordant, which we prefer to do ahead of the actual dyeing.

INDIGO is an exception and does not require a mordant. The indigo process is complex but fun, and best done outdoors during warm weather. We suggest Googling around for indigo recipes for creating your own vat as there are hundreds of variations on the topic. Note that indigo dyeing is done in a vat or plastic bucket, not cooked on the stove like all of the other natural dyes, and it requires several ingredients to make the vat magic possible.

MORDANTS are metallic salts that occur naturally as minerals (though many of them are produced in factories these days). These bond with the fibre, then the dye bonds with the metallic salt so the mordant acts as a link between the two. Alum is the most commonly used mordant. Please note that what we sell is the proper type for dyeing, potassium aluminum sulphate, and this is not the same as pickling alum sold at supermarkets and bulk food stores.

July 10/16 – Late-breaking news tonight is that Canada Post has dropped any threat of a lockout of workers, so shipping of our orders by mail will continue as usual. We will continue to monitor the situation in the event of a postal disruption over the next few weeks. — John & Alan



July 1 – Happy Canada Day to everyone! We’ve had a busy June and as the summer season begins we find some of our online customers dropping in if they happen to be in the area. We are always well stocked for the summer, and our hours do not change but please note we are closed Monday to Wednesday except by advance appointment, or by chance if we happen to be here.

We recently got in a shipment of UNICORN POWER SCOUR (also their Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse) in case you are needing to wash any greasy, raw fleeces. You can find these listed in the shopping cart in the MORE Category. We have customers that swear this product does the best job of removing dirt and grease from raw fleeces of any kind, and it’s designed to work with normal hot tap water temperatures.

Upcoming shows we will be attending this year include TWIST August 20-21 in Quebec, the WOODSTOCK FLEECE FESTIVAL October 15, and FIVE COUNTIES on September 17, being held in Kitchener this year.

Our SPIN-INS: for now , if you want to organize yourself and a couple of friends to come by for a Spin-In, just e-mail us in advance or call the shop and we will be happy to host! Saturdays work best for us.

THE FIBRE GARDEN is owned and operated by Alan McLean and John Valleau and it lives in our historic home in Jordan Village, Ontario, Canada. We are in the heart of Niagara Wine Country and there are plenty of things to see and do in the village and surroundings.

The shop carries a very wide selection of natural breed-specific rovings, dyed rovings and top, weaving and knitting yarns (many dyed right here by THE DYEGUY), felting supplies, dyes, natural dyes & mordants, spinning wheels, drop spindles, and other fibre gadgets. We are thrilled to be Dealers for MajacraftLouet and Ashford spinning wheels, looms and other products.

Our regular year-round Store Hours are:

  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday — 11am to 5pm
  • Sunday — 12 noon to 4pm

THE FIBRE GARDEN is located at 3818 Main Street, Jordan, Ontario, Canada, L0R 1S0. info@fibregarden.ca
Telephone (905) 562-7750 Toll-free phone 1-855-236-3829 (Canada and US lower 48)

For those in the area or within driving distance, we welcome you to visit our shop in person. Our friends from afar can enjoy online shopping with us. Just click on the SHOP ONLINE! button on the top menu bar. We have the majority of our fibres, spinning wheels, spindles, looms, gadgets and tools loaded for you to see. Please let us know if you don’t find what you are looking for!

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Thank you for visiting THE FIBRE GARDEN!

Alan & John